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April 2024

New businesses are blooming all over the Lowcountry in the form of floral delivery, herb gathering, and craft making

Lammonds is performing at fundraiser for the Center for Birds of Prey on April 18

The former Broadway performer says her training helps her balance on scaffolding to paint ceilings

Sam Metzger and Kendal Leonard host seasonal markets and hands-on workshops at their verdant space

The cut-flower program is expanding from James Island’s Medway Garden to Magnolia Community Garden in West Ashley

The first group of Huguenots arrived on the ship Richmond in April 1680

And Hutton & Home opens a flagship home decor showhouse in The Jasper

Their hard work resulted in a thoroughly modern home filled with art pieces and treasures from their travels

The Avondale restaurant features a casual bar and a dining room that leans “Lowcountry foraging clubhouse”

Montgomery oversees a network of programs that help support Lowcountry farmers and put fresh, healthy food into the hands of consumers

Located on the south bank of the Ashley River, the property boasted walking trails lined with beautiful blossoms