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Gardening: January 2017

Gardening: January 2017
January 2017

Ask an Expert: In the winter, we enjoy watching woodpeckers in our tree canopy. While our yard has bird-friendly native plantings, we,d like to add a supplemental food source—what kind of feeder is best?

Suet (fat combined with ingredients such as seeds, fruit, and insects) is a high-energy fuel source purchased in tidy blocks that can slide into wire cages to offer easy-access dining. A block will last a while, making it a good value, and is relatively debris-free. You might also hang a “suet log” in or near a tree; complete with bark to mimic the woodpecker’s natural environment, these logs contain holes for suet plugs. Keep a fresh water source available for all your birds, and don’t forget to clean their feeders monthly. 

Tip: Keep an eye on indoor plants: ensure that they aren’t too close to air vents, remove spent blooms and dead foliage, clean dust from leaves using a damp cloth, and inspect for pests.