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Tomato Glossary

Tomato Glossary
June 2008

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A small tomato variety, these fruits are known to grown wild. Good on salads or skewered for kebabs.

Varieties bearing this moniker have been left on the vine to fully ripen rather than harvested prematurely and aged in the shipping and distribution process.

More elongated than their cherry counterparts, grape tomatoes’ 1/2- to 3/4-inch length and exceptionally sweet flavor make them a good snack for kids.

Roma or Plum
These tomatoes have a fine, thick flesh, making them ideal for canning if not eaten straight from the vine.

Green tomatoes are simply those that have reached their full size but are not yet ripe. They have a distinct tartness that works well whether grilled, fried, or used in soups, sauces, and desserts.

The largest variety of tomato, these are often referred to simply as “slicers” for their tendency to hold together well when sliced. They also cook down well for sauces, making them one of the most versatile tomatoes.

These varieties are grown from seeds passed down through generations—often from one family member to another.

Mountain Spring & Mountain Pride
Mountain series tomatoes are often commercially grown for their large size, blemish-free appearance, and long shelf-life.