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Sweet Surprise

Sweet Surprise
April 2013
A Mount Pleasant couple reinvents a classic treat

When it comes to styling a dinner party in Charleston, gone are the days of just setting a nice table. We live in an era of creative entertaining, where guests expect the unexpected. So it’s serendipitous that Danielle and Tanner Loveless decided to open their Haypenny Confections—a handmade s’mores catering service—in our city.

The couple, who met as counselors at a Utah kids camp, spent much of their courtship, well, camping. Suffice it to say, making s’mores became a regular pastime. But bored with limited marshmallow flavors, the couple began experimenting, producing the unexpected—key lime, rose water, and champagne-flavored mallows. When they came up with their own graham cracker recipe, they knew they had something.

“Last Christmas, our friends got a lot of graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate gift packs,” Danielle laughs.

Today they work out of a DHEC-approved kitchen preparing catered S’mores Bars and to-go S’moregasbord packages of 24 s’mores, roasting sticks, and a fire source. And now you can buy personal packs at Coastal Cupboard and Mixson Market. “We want to remind people of a time when food was made with care,” says Danielle. Learn s’more at