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Sweet Talk

Sweet Talk
January 2011
Local chocolatiers introduce a better-for-you candy bar

Envisioning a healthier 2011? Us, too. But for awhile, it was sounding a bit bleak—at least for our sweet teeth. Then Sinless Raw Food’s all-natural, vegan chocolate bars hit local shelves. These yummy treats are sugar-free, packed with vitamin D3 and probiotics, and boast more antioxidants than 10 cups of blueberries.

It took Adam Konecny and registered nurse Kathy McGuinn a year of work in their West Ashley chocolate factory to take fair-trade raw cocoa—“which has many more nutrients than its roasted counterpart,” says McGuinn—and make it delicious using zero-calorie natural sweeteners that wouldn’t raise the blood sugar levels of diabetics like Konecny. They say the resulting two-ounce bars, which come in six flavors ranging from orange to peppermint, will enhance your mood and suppress your appetite. “And they include theobromine, which offers a natural energy boost,” notes Konecny. “We eat them in the morning instead of drinking coffee.”

On a mission to promote the health benefits of a raw, low-carb diet, the duo also teaches food prep classes. Learn more at, where you’ll find a list of local spots, such as Muddy Waters, Boone Hall Farms, and Seeking Indigo, that carry these intriguing options for sweetening your resolve in the New Year.