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Style Q&A: Léda Jackson

Style Q&A: Léda Jackson
August 2018

The founder of children’s clothing company Pixie Lily is a downtown dweller who keeps chickens and has an appreciation for funky family heirlooms

Pixie Lily’s “Pink Tab Dress” ($78) and ”Toadstool Apron/Short” ($86)

Q What’s a back-to-school must?
Make an occasion out of the first day with a new outfit. In our fall collections, we always include a few offerings that are lightweight enough for August. I’m especially fond of our navy cotton pique pieces with toadstool embroideries.

Q What’s a favorite local source for clothing?
Seeline Vintage never ceases to surprise when I need to add something extra-special [such as the dress above] to my closet.

Q Key items in your wardrobe?
Dark skinny jeans, capri pants (like J.Crew’s “French Girl Slim Crop Pant,” above), pretty blouses with cardigans, and a perfect shirtwaist dress. Then I add gold hoop earrings and chunky bracelets that make a bit of noise.

Q Perfume of choice?
I’m old school: Chanel No. 5.

Q Tell us about your home-decor style.
At home, more is more. I’d describe my interiors as “Eurasian-Bohemian thrift.” My daughter is particularly tickled by our “family heirloom” opium pipe. I’m grateful to my louche ancestors for all the interesting things they funneled my way.

Q Have any advice for “urban farming”?
You don’t need a ton of space for chickens and beehives. I think chickens are quieter than dogs, but you should make sure your neighbors are cool with them. We’ve found that a jar of honey and some fresh eggs buys a lot of goodwill.


Photographs by (portrait) Celeste Joye & (Seeline Vintage dress) Landon Phillips & courtesy of (Pixie Lily products-2) the company, (pants) J.Crew, & (perfume) Chanel