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Stock Your Shed

Stock Your Shed
August 2019

In-the-know locals share their must-have gardening tools

A. FOR CLIPPING: Felco Pruning Shears (Felco 2, $60.40 at
“I learned about these as a student at Longwood Gardens in 1986; the weight and size are perfection.” — Jim Martin, Charleston Parks Conservancy

B. FOR EVERYTHING: Flexible Gorilla Tub (6.9-gallon tub, $14.30 at
“These tubs are tough; lightweight; easy to wash, and great for many applications, including transporting just-harvested vegetables, pulled weeds, compost, and potted-up seedlings.” — Sharleen Johnson, SC Native Plant Society

C. FOR WEEDING: CobraHead Original Weeder & Cultivator ($25 at Charleston Horticultural Society or
“Its arrow-like blade tip allows for easy breakup of most any soil and lets you squeeze into tight rows of plantings and between gaps in hardscapes.” — Kyle Barnette, Charleston Horticultural Society

D. FOR SMALL JOBS: A jewelry loupe (Stalwart 30x, $9.40 at
“I use my ‘glass’ to examine leaves for insects and disease. It’s amazing how many organisms you can see with a little magnification.” — Zack Snipes, Clemson Cooperative Extension

E. FOR PROTECTING HANDS: Bionic Rose Gloves ($50 at
“I wear these most of the time—they’re perfect for pulling out smilax vines and blackberry brambles!” — Susan Epstein, trained horticulturist & home gardener

F. FOR BIG JOBS: A stirrup hoe (3 ¼-inch, $56 at
“You can quickly remove weeds from a mulched, gravel, or sand pathway without bending over.” — Joan McDonald, garden editor


Photographs courtesy of Felco, CobraHead, Staples, Bionic Gloves, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, & Red Gorilla