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Joan McDonald

July 2020
Keep your avian neighbors in fine feather with a cool splash spot

May 2020
Plant this zesty trio and enjoy refreshing fare for months to come

April 2020
What’s happening this month

April 2020
For a landscape potent with flavor, aroma, and aesthetic appeal, look to herbs

September 2019
A cool-weather hero, the snapdragon now comes in more colors and growth habits than ever

August 2019
In-the-know locals share their must-have gardening tools

July 2018
Today’s fake plants go undercover with ease, giving you an organic look—with no responsibility

January 2018
What’s happening this month?

December 2017

November 2017

April 2017
The high-climbing flame lily brings intense color to the garden

December 2016

November 2016
For sweet, cool-weather fruit, plant persimmon trees

October 2016
What's happening this month

September 2016
For lasting autumn interest, try this combination 

August 2016
Transform your landscape’s cooler, darker corners with striking foliage and flowers

April 2016
This month, load up on inspiration, information, and plenty of plants at events around town

March 2016
Dying to bring some spring vibrance to the wintery landscape? Start with a brightly blooming mailbox planter

January 2016
It’s time to get a new crop of veggies growing! This month, you can plant beet, carrot, lettuce, radish, spinach, and...

April 2013
As garden enthusiasts gear up for Charleston Horticultural Society’s Plantasia festival (April 12...

April 2013

March 2008
With vibrant cutting beds, seasonal veggies, and a host of DIY projects, Joan and Chad McDonald’s Wagener Terrace...