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One to Watch

One to Watch
February 2015
A local artist turns discarded timepieces into jewelry

There may only be one person on Earth who knows that an old, broken watch can yield a crab’s legs (originally set levers), a lion’s mane (a rubber gasket), and a bird’s nest (the hairspring from a balance wheel). And that person is Cindi McFadden, founder of Just Watch Me Jewelry.

In 2012, the former art teacher stumbled upon the idea of upcycling parts from discarded timepieces—antiques and modern-day accessories alike—into jewelry. In her hands, hollowed-out watch faces become necklace pendants that host animals of all kinds, as well as palm trees, anchors, and more.

”To use my creativity to earn a living that makes people happy is a bucket list item,” says McFadden, who crafts loads of custom pieces. While word-of-mouth and online sales at have been her bread-and-butter, she also sets up shop at community events such as November’s Buy Local Block Party. This month, she’s exhibiting at the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition—stop into Hibernian Hall to see her latest creations.