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Nonprofit of the Year Finalist, Charleston Animal Society

Nonprofit of the Year Finalist, Charleston Animal Society
November 2015
Mission: To prevent cruelty to animals  

Charleston Animal Society (CAS), garnered loads of attention last spring when a 15-month-old chocolate Staffordshire mix was found in North Charleston, her muzzle bound with electrical tape. Taken in by CAS and given the name Caitlyn, the abused animal underwent a risky surgery to reconstruct her lips, cheeks, and tongue. Fully recovered and in a loving foster home, Caitlyn has become “America’s Dog,” leading the charge to help other neglected and abused animals.

But Caitlyn is just one of the thousands of animals whose lives have been saved by CAS since its establishment in 1874. Launching its No Kill initiative in 2013, CAS has made it a goal to spare every animal from euthanasia by 2016. With strategies such as a large-scale spay-and-neuter program, a free-roaming cat initiative, and educational outreach, the annual live release rate has risen from 34 to 92 percent. CAS also works with local law enforcement to create and enforce stricter animal cruelty laws. Donors can help the victims of these crimes by giving to Toby’s Fund, which meets the costs of the medical care necessary to save these critically injured animals.