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Nonprofit of the Year Finalist, LifeManagement Center, Inc.

Nonprofit of the Year Finalist, LifeManagement Center, Inc.
October 2015
Mission: To help children, adolescents, and adults identify and overcome learning challenges, including learning disabilities, social/behavioral difficulties, ADHD, and dyslexia  

Through many conversations with friends and acquaintances, one thing became clear to Kitty Tilghman McEaddy: ADHD is a difficult disorder to live with, for sufferers and their families. Finding local resources to be lacking in comparison to the number of people she knew who faced these challenges, McEaddy decided to fill the need herself, founding LifeManagement Center, Inc. in 1996.

What began as a small support group in McEaddy’s living room has grown into a certified nonprofit with locations in Charleston and Mount Pleasant. With a team of learning specialists, tutors, academic coaches, mentors, and more, LifeManagement Center has helped more than 14,000 individuals with unique and diverse needs to overcome a variety of learning challenges, including ADHD and dyslexia, in order to meet their potential as students, professionals, and members of the community. The Center provides support for the families, parents, and caregivers of those with such challenges. “Together we can continue to provide services and programs that change lives and build learning skills that lead to lasting success,” says executive director Mason Ward.