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Modern Love

Modern Love
July 2019

Jeffrey Roseblum’s orders were clear: design a building that would distinguish Bankers Trust from any other bank in the area. And he delivered. In 1973, what was then Rosenblum and Associates Architects abandoned historic influences to create a signature, modern office for Bankers Trust at Calhoun and Gadsden streets. Defying tradition in style and construction, the firm cantilevered the steel and cement structure to appease zoning regulations by allowing cars to park beneath it. Upon its completion in 1974, the reviews were mixed. Jonathan Poston, preservationist and author of The Buildings of Charleston, says that while staunch traditionalists disliked the “unapologetically modern” structure dubbed the “floating bank,” many appreciated the convenient drive-thru and unique design. Since August 2009, after 35 years of use by Bankers Trust and Bank of America, the building has sat empty. Although its future remains unclear, Rosenblum believes that this unique space offers limitless potential for anything from a coffee shop to a law office.


Photograph Courtesy of Jeffrey Rosenblum