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Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet
June 2016
Did you know 350-plus area groups are organized on Here’s a fun sampling

Charleston Wilderness Survival/Preppers
“This group is for anyone who wants to learn more about all the surrounding wilderness and how to survive anything that may come our way,” begins the organizer’s description. Together, some 20 to 40 people study up on subjects such as land navigation, edible plants, shelter-building, wilderness First Aid, and hand-to-hand combat.

Dinky Dog Club
Every other Sunday morning, this “super casual meetup for small dogs and their pet parents” attracts 12 or so of its 255 members to get-togethers at James Island County Park’s small dog park (pooches must be under 20 pounds).

Tiny House Enthusiasts
From a ”Tiny Open House” on John’s Island to planning and design discussions, this year-old, 461-person group gathers often, with the goal of providing “resources, learning opportunities, and support for the tiny house movement.”

West Ashley Book-ies
A “book club that raises the bar,” the Book-ies meet monthly for a “Coffee & Chat” at Avondale’s Classic Coffee but also enjoy happenings such as last month’s “YA Lovers…Unite!” and June 2’s “June’s Book & a Sundae Bar.”