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In Season right now: Pecans

In Season right now: Pecans
October 2010
Pee-kan or pe-kahn: peak season hits in October, so look for them at farmers markets, in area groves, and even falling from neighborhood trees.

For a savory snack or dish accent, toast pecans with olive oil, rosemary, and sea salt. For sweet treats—on their own, or to top ice cream, pies, and more—caramelize pecans in sugar and butter with a touch of salt.

Nutty Facts
*The U.S. grows about 80 percent of the world’s pecans.
*Unshelled pecans kept away from light in an airtight container last six months.
*Shelled nuts keep up to two months in a cool, dry spot; nine months in the fridge; and one year in the freezer.
*Approximately 1 lb. unshelled pecans equals 3 cups shelled; 1 lb. shelled
pecans equals 4 cups pecan halves.