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Hog Wild

Hog Wild
Robbie George brings Ho¯M the bacon with his BLT Bloody Mary

Bacon is everywhere these days—from chocolate to cupcakes, mayonnaise (aka Baconnaisse) to gumballs. And while some of these infusions make you go “huh?,” others make perfectly delicious sense. Take the BLT Bloody Mary at Charleston’s newest burger joint/ping-pong bar, Ho¯M.

“I’ve been experimenting with this mix for a long time,” says the restaurant’s beverage consultant, Robbie George. Ho¯M’s homemade Bloody Mary mix includes the usual suspects—horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, salt, and pepper—with a few new players, such as A1, KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce, and Guinness (to smooth the drink out). But it’s George’s one-of-a-kind bacon-infused vodka that’s really the showstopper. According to the veteran bartender, a five-day infusion process makes for a speedy pour later. After letting the bacon soak in vodka, place your newly created spirit in the freezer for at least two hours. This will freeze out the fat, allowing it to be removed easily using cheesecloth. “You’ll be left with a savory yet subtle bacon flavor that balances out the spiciness and emphasizes the smokiness of the mix,” George says. The result? The ultimate in swine dining—an innovative take on a classic cocktail (non-meat lovers need not apply). Whether for your next brunch, cookout, or headache, whip up some BLT Bloody Marys—complete with a bacon strip stir stick—and prepare to pig out.