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Get in the Grü-V

Get in the Grü-V
April 2011
Austria’s signature wine, grüner veltliner, has worked its way back into America’s cool crowd, and its timing couldn’t be better. Juicy with a mild acidity, this white grape makes the perfect warm-weather sip and is known for pairing well with most any food. Try these refreshing vintages that can be enjoyed now or aged

Berger Grüner Veltliner 2009 (Kamptal, Austria), $10: Berger’s grüner veltliner has been on many best-value lists for years, and the 2009 vintage is considered one of the winery’s best. Careful winemaking practices, such as slow fermentation with cultured yeast in stainless-steel tanks, impart crisp citrus and floral flavors with a doughy, Champagne-like aftertaste. Inviting and casual, this wine is a fun patio-party guest.

Laurenz und Sophie “Singing” Grüner Veltliner 2009 (Niederösterreich, Austria), $18: As the name suggests, this wine—made only from grüner veltliner grapes and fermented in stainless-steel tanks—causes the tastebuds to sing with glee. A great example of a classic grüner veltliner, it boasts flavors of juicy peach and citrus offset by spicy white pepper, plus a smooth yet slightly tart finish.

Huber Hugo Grüner Veltliner 2009 (Niederosterreich, Austria), $15: Add this mouth-puckering dry white wine to the cooler this spring for a clean, refreshing drink. Try it now to find flavors of green apple, lemon lime, and peach that will linger on the palate. Mild minerality makes it a cool accompaniment to oysters on the half shell or mussels.

Gobelsburger Grüner Veltliner 2008 (Kamptal, Austria), $17: The Gobelsburger winery is one of the oldest in Austria and produces award-winning wines at fantastic prices. This subtle yet refined sip is filled with flavors of yellow fruits and garden herbs and has a mouth-watering tanginess. The wine is perfect for a warm day at the beach or alongside eggs Benedict at brunch.

Nigl Kremser Freiheit Grüner Veltliner 2009 (Kremstal, Austria), $23: Don’t let the screw top lead you to believe this wine is laid-back—it’s anything but. Delicate, smoky, and medium-bodied, this grüner features bright fruits, green herbs, spicy red chilis, and sour lemons that lend a harmonious yet multidimensional effect. Try it with Thai and Vietnamese foods for an exciting pairing.