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Get Cooking Charleston!

Get Cooking Charleston!
December 2010
The Charleston Magazine Recipe Contest & Cook-off

Armed with seasonings, spatulas, and a hearty helping of creativity, eight recipe contest finalists stepped up to the plate for our October 23 cook-off. But only four culinary contenders could earn the pleased-palate approval of our expert judges.



Charleston magazine Recipe Contest from PDA Video on Vimeo.

<h2> {Appetizer Winner}<br /> Angie Pitts</h2> <p> Leave it to a middle school teacher to pare down a plateful of Lowcountry boil into a simple, easy-to-eat bite. Inspired by her grandfather’s love of Charleston cuisine, Angie Pitts created this cool slider that packs a smart dose of Old Bay and spicy cocktail sauce with hearty hunks of shrimp, sausage, potato, and corn. “It’s a Lowcountry boil without all the work,” beams Pitts.</p>
<h2> {Side Dish Winner}<br /> Ashley Finamore</h2> <p> Growing up in the kitchen with her Italian grandmother preparing quintessential Tuscan recipes, Ashley Finamore has an appreciation for tradition. But as a vibrant young pharmacist, she also likes to give tradition a twist. “I love combining the classic foods of Tuscany with the staples of Southern cuisine,” she explains. In this spin on Grandma’s pancetta and broccoli rabe, Finamore blends the slightly salty Italian pork with earthy and more subtle local collards. Leeks add a hint of onion flavor.
<h2> {Entrée Winner}<br /> Bob O’Brien</h2> <p> From the lyrical nature of his dish’s name, our emcees could tell that Bob O’Brien has a penchant for poetry. And from the sophisticated methods he used to prepare his rosemary- and garlic-infused pork loin—including scoring the fat cap and trussing the roast with butcher’s string—our judges knew that the home cook possesses time-tested talent. O’Brien relies on this classic recipe from his German-born mother (who sometimes added fennel-tinged sauerkraut) every winter when he’s entertaining loved ones.
<h2> {Dessert Winner}<br /> Greg VanDerwerker</h2> <p> Kiawah Island resident Greg VanDerwerker discovered tres leches (“three milks”) cake some 15 years ago while visiting Costa Rica, where the fresh and creamy confection is considered the national dessert. But Greg, a 59-year-old retiree, saw potential for sweetening the cake with some South Carolina personality.
<h2>{Appetizer Runner Up}<br /> Ryan Lemire</h2>
<h2>{Entrée Runner Up}<br /> Kenny Abernathy</h2>
<h2>{Dessert Runner Up}<br /> Shauna Morris</h2>