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Dining with Daniel

Dining with Daniel
December 2010
Get a behind-the-scenes pass to last spring's high-dollar, haute-cuisine dinner with world-renowned chef Daniel Boulud

It’s not every day that Charlestonians are blessed with the opportunity to feast upon decorated chef Daniel Boulud’s delices right here in town. In fact, snagging a reservation at most of his 11 international restaurants (including three-Michelin-star-rated Daniel in NYC) requires patience, luck, or friends in high places—sometimes all three. Yet, for $750 each, 65 ticket-holders were invited to join Boulud and his crew for a five-course extravaganza—Food + Wine With A View—at hostess Terri Henning’s plush downtown penthouse last March. Take a peek into this exclusive BB&T Charleston Wine + Food Festival event.