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Craft an Easter Kids’ Table

Craft an Easter Kids’ Table
March 2009
Create a colorful Easter table the children will love

 This Easter, upgrade the oft-neglected childrens’ table with creative additions designed to keep young diners occupied while adults convene en masse for Easter supper or brunch. Pair odds and ends from the arts and crafts drawer with holiday eats for festive seating assignments the little ones can take pride in.

Step 1: Replace your traditional tablecloth with art paper held in place with lengths of twine. Tied tightly under the table, the intersecting lines make for faux place mats. Assign seats by writing the children's name on the paper at their seats.

Step 2: Stock up on plenty of arts and crafts supplies to inspire creativity during the long holiday affairs; plus, the kids get to show off their work at meal’s end.

Step 3: Wrap a plain cutting board in pretty patterned paper to serve as a platform for your centerpiece.

Step 4: Fashion your pièce-de-résistance from a branch spray-painted and anchored in a silver bucket with dry split peas.

Step 5: Invite the kids to flex their creative muscles, making birds and greenery to hang from the treetops of your makeshift centerpiece.

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