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Business Products & Services
March 2015

31. Automated American Payroll (AAP)

What it does: Helps businesses efficiently manage their finances and payroll through high-tech solutions and personalized customer care

Factoid: In 2013, AAP acquired Panoptic Payroll of Mount Pleasant.

Leadership: Bill Streyffler, CEO


Location: Summerville

Employees: 27

Revenue: $2.9 million (2012)

Years in Business: 19

32. AppSprings

What it does: Sells bottled natural spring water and private label bottled water and provides offices with bottled water as well as water filtration and coffee services

Factoid: Originally named Appalachian Springs, the company has had two decades’ worth of revenue increases.

Leadership: John Murray Compton III, vice president and COO


Location: North Charleston

Employees: 10-19

Revenue:  $1-2.5 million

Years in Business: 23

33. Novus Architects

What it does:  Provides architectural design, interior design, and design planning services for health care, senior living, hospitality, residential, commercial, and religious facilities

Factoid: In September 2014, Novus merged with Bowers, Ellis and Watson Architects P.A. of Asheville, North Carolina, to become Novus/Bowers, Ellis & Watson Architects, with 40 employees, 13 licensed architects, and consolidated revenues of $7 million.

Leadership: Tommy Smith, president


Location: Mount Pleasant

Employees: 24

Revenue: $5.4 million (2013)

Years in Business: 23

34. SIB Fixed Cost Reduction

What it does: Helps multiple-location companies save money on their operating costs, working to recover credits and refunds for past billing errors and negotiating better rates with vendors and service providers. SIB is compensated by sharing in the savings that result.

Factoid: SIB has a 98-percent success rate finding savings for its clients, which consist of regional and national grocers; restaurant groups; hospitals; universities; retail stores; and other companies, including Walmart and two subsidiaries of Berkshire-Hathaway.

Leadership: Dan Schneider, CEO


Location: Charleston

Employees: 40

Revenue: N/A

Years in Business: 7

35. SnapCap

What it does:  An alternative lending firm that uses technology to streamline the process of applying for small business loans

Factoid: Later this year, SnapCap will relocate from its King Street offices to the newly refreshed Cigar Factory. The growing team will occupy a 3,200-square-foot, fourth-floor corner suite overlooking the Cooper River.

Leadership: Hunter Stunzi and Chris Mettler, co-founders


Location: Charleston

Employees: 6

Revenue: $1 million plus