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August New & Notable

August New & Notable
August 2016
Our taste-and-tell guide to some of the latest food and beverage openings in Charleston

Butcher & Bee
Forget what you knew about the old Butcher & Bee—well, most of it anyway. For starters, dinner is the main draw at its new, expanded digs up on Morrison Drive. (The old locale focused on lunch and late nights.) And while sandwiches still grace the midday lineup, they’re not necessarily the stars of this operation. Instead, first-timers should fill up on small sharing plates known here and in the Middle East as “mezze.” And that’s another thing: the menus—for dinner, lunch, and brunch—exquisitely highlight ingredients like saffron, tahini, yogurt, and chickpeas, and seasonal vegetables reign over meat. (Still, the fan-favored cheeseburger can satiate those with more myopic leanings during the day.) But perhaps one of the starkest changes devotees of the former joint should note: it’s no longer BYOB. Dine happily with your libation of choice without going to the store first.

Crooked Crown
Since Andy McCarthy brought the King of Pops franchise to town a few years back, demand for the handmade frozen treats has remained steady. And now, those looking to curb a sweet-tooth don’t have to wait for farmers markets or special events: just head to the new storefront on Spring. It’s a bit off the beaten path, but you’ll know you’ve arrived by the rainbow umbrellas out front. It’s a catch-all establishment: Kids naturally fit right into the popsicle-eating crowd; slate-topped tables with chalk can keep them occupied for hours. Yet grown-ups can have fun, too, by sampling alcohol-infused pops (try the mezcal Mexican chocolate) or by plunging one into a cocktail. And uniquely filled tamales are available to soak up some of that sweet, boozy goodness.