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April 2020
For a landscape potent with flavor, aroma, and aesthetic appeal, look to herbs

December 2019
Plant a winter window box you can deck for the holidays

September 2019
A cool-weather hero, the snapdragon now comes in more colors and growth habits than ever

May 2019
Plant a lush grouping that requires little effort and offers plenty of drama

April 2019
Susan and Gene Massamillo’s downtown garden was designed to transport them—and their many guests—to lush landscapes...

June 2018
Create a container kids can play with, and lessons in sun, rain, and earth will come naturally

May 2018
Annuals that reseed, rain barrels, and events for green thumbs

November 2017
For a spring show, plant flowering bulbs this month

September 2017

May 2017
Make the most of a sunny spot with these superstar zinnia selections

September 2016
For lasting autumn interest, try this combination 

April 2016
This month, load up on inspiration, information, and plenty of plants at events around town

February 2016
February’s the ideal time to prune crepe myrtles, as the trees are still in their winter dormancy. But before you pull...

April 2015
One writer’s annual search for native spring wildflowers evokes memories of her Lowcountry upbringing and her beloved...

March 2015
Try your luck with a rainbow of “false shamrocks” this March  

November 2014
Brighten the cool season garden with Salvia officinalis’ uncommon beauty and culinary utility

April 2014
A neglected lot gets a makeover, including a new home and private garden that blend seamlessly by design    

Add a pop of tropical color with this blooming evergreen shrub  

November 2013
A trifecta of vibrant, easy-to-grow annuals add gorgeous color to the winter garden

August 2013
Under cover of a handful of oaks, self-taught gardener Tommy Peters creates a cool garden hideaway

June 2013
Plant a different kind of hibiscus, one that loves the Lowcountry swelter and can add zest to a summer salad

February 2013
Plant nasturtium seeds this month for a punch of color in the garden and a peppery bite on the plate

April 2010
Spread your roots across the city in gardens that thrive on a little community TLC

April 2010
Retired physician and green hobbyist Gene Johnson transforms an outdated downtown yard into a lush, open-air living...

March 2008
Get the dirt on the City Greenhouse’s little-known community programs and volunteer opportunities

December 2008
Landscape designer Donna Cox offers tips for keeping your garden looking good regardless of the season

July 2008
From tropicals to aromatic herbs, we'll show you the plants that thrive beneath our brutal summer sun