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Open-Face Tomato Sandwiches with Chive Aioli

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  •   1 loaf fresh ciabatta bread 
  •   Homemade aioli (recipe follows) 
  •   4 beefsteak tomatoes 
  •   Kosher salt 
  •   1 bunch watercress, tough stems removed 
  •   Extra virgin olive oil 
  •   Balsamic vinegar


  For the aioli: 

  •   1 cup Hellmann’s mayonnaise 
  •   1 tsp. fresh lemon juice 
  •   3 Tbs. chopped fresh chives 
  •   1/2 tsp. freshly ground black pepper 
  •   Pinch of garlic powder 



  For each sandwich, cut one 1/2-inch slice of bread from the loaf. Generously spread aioli on one side of the bread slice. Lay face-up on serving plate. Cut 1/4-inch slices from the tomato and shingle three tomato slices on top of bread. Sprinkle with kosher salt. Top tomato layer with a small handful of watercress. Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

For the aioli: 
Combine ingredients in a medium bowl. Stir until well-blended. 

 recipe by Heather Garvin, food editor, Charleston Home 

10 Minutes