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Jestine’s Ice-Box Pickles

These may sound fancy, but they’re really just a sweet pickle you make in your fridge. You’ll have a go-to gift on hand that’ll rival the offerings at classic spots like Jestine’s Kitchen. For extra credit, grow the cucumbers yourself. In the Lowcountry, they are best planted in late March (after the last frost and once the soil has warmed) and harvested in early August. Throw them in your “icebox” with some vinegar and give or enjoy on a hot day.
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(Yields 1, two-quart jar)
Fill a two-quart jar or container loosely with sliced cucumbers and onions. (Choose ratio of fruits to onions based on preference.) Fill half way with water and half with white vinegar. Add one teaspoon of peppercorns and one cup of sugar. Seal with lid and shake to combine.

Place in refrigerator overnight and taste the next morning: If not sweet enough, add more sugar. (Note: small cukes are sweeter than large ones, so you might not need to add sugar.) When they get too soft (typically one week), throw that batch away. If the brine still tastes good, add more sliced cucumbers and onion and refrigerate again.