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Wake-Up Call

Wake-Up Call
December 2012
 Be your own barista with these hot-shot coffee gadgets

1. Basic: Instantly upgrade your same-old Joe to a cappuccino with the battery-operated Aerolatte stainless steel frother (hint: it’s great for hot cocoa, too!). $30 at The Coastal Cupboard

2. Hipster: Any good French press delivers coffee with extra-rich flavor, but how many do the job so cheerfully? This stain-resistant stoneware charmer has a 32-ounce capacity. $60 at Le Creuset

3. Splurge: Hario’s Cold Water Coffee Dripper is designed to create a mellow, full-flavored coffee concentrate ideal for iced drinks as well as cooking. Store the concentrate in the fridge and mix it with hot water when you want a steaming beverage. $265 at Williams-Sonoma

4. Artsy: Those magical shapes that fancy cafés make in your drinks? Recreate them at home with Aerolatte’s Cappuccino Art set. Just sprinkle a topping like chocolate powder over a stencil of a heart, swirl, smiley face, wheel, leaf, or snowflake. $10 at Charleston Cooks!

5. High-tech: With 17 grind settings, an electric timer, and an insulated lid for quieter operation, Capresso’s Infinity Burr Grinder can be perfectly programmed for espresso, drip, French press, or percolator coffee makers. $90 at Bed Bath & Beyond