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Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Amidst July’s sizzling heat, Don Dudenbostel’s photos are soothing to the eyes like a cool cloth would be to the forehead. In “Smorgasbord,” opening July 1 at the Martin Gallery, the Tennessee native slices into fruits and veggies using X-ray photography—a technique that brings out the beauty hiding amidst skins, seeds, and peels.

Dudenbostel, who studied photography with Ansel Adams, uses medical equipment—either in its original form or adapted to serve his purposes—to create radiographs of everyday items. Past subjects include shells, flowers, toy cars, and clocks, but his latest focus couldn’t be more timely. “It’s the perfect collection to feature now, when folks are enjoying fresh produce from the farmers market,” says gallery director Kit Porter. “We’ll even have vegetable bins full of unframed works in addition to the 30 or so framed pieces.”   

Curious how Dudenbostel exposes his subjects? Get the complete picture during an 11:30 a.m. lecture on Saturday, July 2.