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Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself
September 2019

Flowershop’s sweet little luxuries

Practice self care with a monthly flower subscription.

In July, it may have been heirloom zinnias. In August, dahlias. This month, it might be ranunculus. Members of Flowershop’s bouquet subscription service never know what blooms will take center stage in their latest bundle. But that’s part of the pleasure of The (Bi) Weekly, an offering that Lily Peterson launched upon establishing her floral design studio five years ago.

“I had my first floral job in New York City, where you can always pick up fresh flowers while out shopping or on the way home from work,” says Peterson. “I created this to give people that type of experience.”

Subscribers receive an arrangement ($22) every other week, scooping it up on Thursday afternoons from Flowershop’s Spring Street storefront, which is also stocked with cut blooms, dried flower crowns, vases, and books.

For The (Bi) Weekly, “I typically start with a focal flower that has a large personality and build around it with supporting bits like scabiosa, lace flower, and anything I can find locally—gomphrena, amaranthus, and celosia,” explains Peterson. “Then I choose the greenery, which tends to be more wild and architectural.”

Some flowers dry well and can be saved, and members enjoy reconfiguring them into their own mini arrangements. That’s lasting luxury for a little investment.


Sign up for Flowershop’s bouquet subscription service here.