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The X Factor

The X Factor
February 2013
Charleston’s own version of the inspiring TEDTalks  

At the core of Charleston is its ability to reinvent itself time and again while still retaining the graciousness, culture, and beauty that makes the city unique,” says retired business exec Edith Howle, listing the Charleston Digital Corridor, Parliament, and SC Launch as examples of the area’s drive toward innovation. It makes sense, then, that she and a team of locals chose “Reinvent” as the theme of the inaugural TEDxMarionSquare at PURE Theatre on May 15. (It’s named for the park because that’s the moniker the TED folks approved).

TEDx events are locally organized programs operated under a license from TED, the nonprofit known for bringing the world’s top minds to give speeches at annual conferences. “Many of us have seen the awe-inspiring talks of the original TED. We want to create that excitement for Charleston by providing this forum to showcase our remarkable town and its ideas worth sharing,” says Howle, the event’s curator.

Ten to 15 carefully selected locals will give presentations—from artistic performances to lectures—on reinventions in technology, philanthropy, food, and more from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Want to go? Only 100 tickets are available. Apply for them at from February 1 to March 15.