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Risk and Reward

Risk and Reward
January 2013
The Element of Surprise can be a powerful thing. Turn your safe, signature style on its head with a bolt of the unexpected—a one-two punch with a wild new palette, high-flying poster art, or a funky-cool centerpiece to awaken your rooms. Remember: big risk, big reward

Neon Swoon: Those fluorescent hues lighting up runways of late are setting forward-leaning interiors all aglow. “Cosy” pendant in Neon ($1,985 and up). Urban Electric Co.,

On Parade: Lively poster art isn’t just a wise investment. These raucous, rollicking images lend an air of devil-may-care to otherwise sober wall collections. To wit, a jolly, 1930s advertisement for Rita dessert wafers ($1,200) and Leonetto Cappiello’s Cognac Monnet ad selling “sunshine in a glass” in the ’20s ($6,875). Julia Santen Gallery,

Brand Spanking Hues: Kick your addiction to not-so-nervy neutrals, and pair a low-intensity color with a vivid bright. Tisdale recommends this combo of chartreuse, which has neutral characteristics, and intense vermillion. Scared? “Choose your ‘bright’ option first, since it will be the driving force in your palette,” he advises. “Then select the more neutral hue as a tempering agent, tweaking its intensity back and forth until you have a pairing you like.”

Body Shop: “I’ve been seeing a lot of furniture and accessories with anatomical references,” says Gil Tisdale, an interior designer with GDC Home. He calls the emerging trend—seen here in this sculpted face bowl—“compelling and edgy.” Order and pricing through GDC Home,