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Resolutions, Kept!

Resolutions, Kept!
January 2018

Conventional wisdom holds that most New Year’s resolutions fail—and fast. But what about when they don’t? Looking to bolster our own resolve to be healthier and wealthier, happier and savvier, we asked social media followers to tell us about a January 1st vow they made and really kept. You might be surprised by some of their answers

Jessica Giblin
At age 42, I started lifting weights. Not only did I go on to win bodybuilding competitions all over the Southeast, but I found the confidence to change the direction of my life’s path. As I became stronger, I realized that I wanted a more intrinsically motivated career, so I went back to school. Last spring, I spoke at my graduation from Trident Technical College (a breeze after wearing posing suits in front of audiences) and am now continuing my studies at MUSC.

Valerie Perry
Ten years ago, I worked with a life coach to set and implement personal goals. This led me to lose 30 pounds, which I’ve kept off, and focus on writing; I’ve completed two novels and am working on my third.

Carol Meyerson Rice
I resolved to take my bags to the grocery store, and except for a few hiccups, I have kept that resolution. (Way easier than exercising or losing weight!)

Renae Brabham
I vowed to be totally true to myself for an entire year—my needs, my fears, my joy, my pain; covers off! I confronted every single thing in my life head-on with total truthfulness. There are a lot of confrontations when you are truthful to yourself, but it was so liberating. I ended things that I’d held on to for way too long. I found new confidence and drive as I exposed the things that held me back.

Holland McDowell
I made a resolution to write down happy things that happened throughout the year to remind myself to be more optimistic. My friends and I opened the jar at the end of the year for some laughs and a reminder of how fortunate we are!

Kate Thornton
I resolved to give money to charity every time I was asked. I usually just gave the minimum of $1 or $5, but a few times I had to buy a $10 bag of popcorn or $15 wrapping paper. The best part was that each time I answered “yes,” it made the cashier smile and feel they’d done a good deed, or it made a kid happy, knowing they were closer to their goal.

Beth Walton
I resolved to take people at their word and be more decisive in my life. I now spend a lot less time wishy-washying over decisions and stressing over nonexistent “hidden meanings” behind the actions of friends. I’d call that a resolution kept.

Anna Jones
I decided to find hobbies and activities that would make my soul sing. I started exploring new places in Charleston, practicing photography, meditating, writing, and picking up trash in my area at least once a week. Even though life has been a little rough this year, I’m happier than ever!