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Nonprofit of the Year, Bishop Gadsden Retirement Community

Nonprofit of the Year, Bishop Gadsden Retirement Community
November 2013
Mission: To serve the greater good by supporting local nonprofits and helping those less fortunate  

From its beginnings in 1850, when it funded low-income housing for the elderly in downtown Charleston, Bishop Gadsden has been devoted to serving the broader community. Today, the retired folks who reside there are hardly retiring; they volunteer, serve on committees, and organize fundraisers—all to make a positive difference in the Lowcountry.

Bishop Gadsden’s Generous Spirit Program includes residents and staff working to support a variety of charities. Since 2000, they have raised $700,000 for organizations such as Tricounty Family Ministries, Charleston Area Senior Citizens, Inc., and Dee Norton Lowcountry Children’s Center. “Not only do residents want to give money, but they like to be personally involved as well,” says president Bill Trawick. In 2012 alone, those who live and work at Bishop Gadsden donated 14,932 volunteer hours.