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Nonprofit of the Year, Courageous Kidz

Nonprofit of the Year, Courageous Kidz
November 2013
Mission: To provide positive, community-based activities, trips, and events for kids with cancer and their families

Courageous Kidz founder Debby Stephenson, aka “Flash,” lives up to her nickname. What began as a volunteer project to help children battling cancer soon became her life’s mission; she’s constantly on the go, committed to giving young patients and their families the opportunity to enjoy life as much as possible. “I always say that the child has the disease, but the family has cancer,” she remarks. “That’s why it’s so important to ease the stress on the families and to provide a safe haven for the children.” Whether it’s taking the kids on a limo ride and a shopping spree or arranging a group trip to Carowinds, this nonprofit provides fun, individualized activities while connecting families with similar interests in order to build a supportive, tight-knit community. Courageous Kidz also offers financial relief in the form of the Family Relief Fund, which pays for necessities like rent, gas, utility and phone bills, car rentals, and meals. The organization serves approximately 125 families in the Lowcountry and surrounding areas, with 92 percent of its funds going directly to its programs.