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Massimiliano Sarrocchi

Massimiliano Sarrocchi
December 2009
The Italian-born chef-owner of Pane e Vino touts lucky charms, leisurely meals, and the love of family




Worldly Goods: “I bought this 18th-century painting near Grosseto, Italy. It once belonged to a church—donated by someone who received a miracle there. When I travel, I like to find something old that reflects the roots of the place I’m visiting.”




Decked Out:“My grandmother, who was known in the neighborhood as a future-teller, taught me to read tarot cards as a kid. Often, I seem to guess the truth: I’ve predicted the birth of twins, divorces, that kind of thing. I don’t do it much anymore, because I don’t want to feel responsible.”


Family Fortune: “This cornetto has been passed to the first-born male in each generation of my family since 1860. It’s supposed to repel the evil eye and bring good luck. I keep it on my key chain. So far, it has worked.”


Peace Pipe: “In 2000, I lived for a year in Africa. The day that I left, someone I’d become close friends with gave me this pipe he’d made from a tree branch and tin recycled from old cans. I carry it with me but only use it occasionally.”






Of Age: “This wine was given to me the year I was born, 1967. I don’t know if it is still good, but I like the sentiment.”



City Life: “The human dimension still exists in Charleston—people walk places like in Europe. That’s important to me.”

Mr. Manners: “You must ask for things properly. If you ask out of arrogance, I doubt a door will open anytime soon.”

Family First: “I enjoy being with my wife, Natasha, and son, Gabriel, who is a year and a half. You can replace money made at work, but you can’t replace time.”

Epic Loyalty: “I reread a good book—like The Odyssey—once a year. You can always find new meaning.”