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Luxury Organized ensures your home has no wasted space

Luxury Organized ensures your home has no wasted space
September 2021

Get owner Rebecca Steinberg’s tips for getting rid of emotional clutter

Luxury Organized founder Rebecca Steinberg often adds personalized touches to container labels.

“What if you came home and you opened the junk drawer and everything had a place and a purpose?” That’s the pitch Rebecca Steinberg, owner of Luxury Organized, offers to potential clients. After all, what is more luxurious than living free of clutter in a clean and attractive space that helps instill a sense of calm and control, not chaos?

Steinberg developed her appreciation for aesthetically pleasing displays as the owner of Finicky Filly women’s clothing boutique for 18 years. The mother of two boys sold the boutique in 2019 to pursue working in design and introduced Luxury Organized, offering to clean out and rearrange clients’ overstuffed closets, pantries, and junk drawers. “Whatever real estate you’re given, you have to maximize the way it works,” she says. “It’s no different in a South of Broad home. Those closets are minute. You have to make every square inch work to its capacity.” 

Luxury Organized offers clients space-saving solutions.

Steinberg found when organizing clients’ spices and spatulas, she wanted to offer more custom storage solutions. When the pandemic made people hesitant to invite her into their homes, she seized the opportunity to earn her certification in kitchen and bath design.

Now, she is working with PWD Studio and her Luxury Organized business is steadily picking back up, especially as the real estate market has boomed and people seek help staging their houses to sell and getting settled into their new homes. “The movers don’t unpack you. They won’t put it in a drawer,” she says. That’s where she comes in—finding a home for belongings, adding personalized labels to matching storage containers, and helping clients get rid of “emotional clutter.” “You have to ask yourself: Who gave it to you? When was the last time you used it? Where are you going to store it? Why are you keeping it?” 

Steinberg even offers to take unwanted items to a consignment shop or donate them to a local charity. ”We’re setting you up for success,” she explains.