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Layer fall colors for a pretty arrangement

Layer fall colors for a pretty arrangement
September 2008
Layer fall flowers in bands of color for an orderly break from the traditional mix-and-match arrangement

click here to download the instructions (adobe pdf) Materials ‘Safari Goldstrike’ leucadendron, orange dahlias, ‘Black Beauty’ calla lilies, scissors, and two containers of different heights (we used antiqued glass vases) Step 1: To create the first layer of calla lilies, trim stems so that the base of the bloom is an inch or less from the top of the vase. Step 2: Position lilies around the rim of the vase. Gently press them down so that they curve over the rim. Repeat with a second row of lilies, cut so that they are slightly taller than the first row. Step 3: Use dahlias to create your second tier of flowers, cutting stems so that blooms stand just above the lilies. Line the flowers around the inside of the circle of lilies. Step 4: Strip the bottom leaves off of the leucadendron so that they don’t crowd the vase and dirty the water. Step 5: Cut stems of leucadendron so that they are tall enough to rise a few inches above the dahlias. Fill a couple stems into the remaining space at the vase’s center.Use what’s left to create a monochromatic display: To complement your first arrangement, use extra flowers (of only one variety) to fill a second, smaller vase. Cut stems so that they create a full arrangement just over the top of the vase.