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Joan Perry

Joan Perry
January 2012
The blogger behind Charleston Daily Photo, who turns her lens on everything Holy City, gives a glimpse into her personal world



Serving Memory: “This is a picture of my mom, who was a lieutenant for the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II.”


Beautifully Wrapped: “My brother gave me this tribal shawl woven by the Naga people of North East India. I’ve had Naga shawls as long as I can remember, and this one is particularly beautiful.”





Flocking Together: “One sculpture (left) is from my grandparents’ collection of carved birds—they bought one every year for their anniversary. The other was given to me by the village chief and hospital administrator in Eldoret, Kenya, where I went with Water Missions International.”




Duo Redo: “At 26 years old, my daughter got her hair cut, and it looked just like it did in a picture I had of her at age two with her brother. I made them reenact the photo.”


Gator Gift: “Years ago, my children and then-husband tracked down an alligator hunter in Charleston. He gave them a gator skull that they buried in the yard to clean, then presented to me for Mother’s Day.”



Sole Comfort: “I need comfortable shoes because as the director of volunteers for Roper St. Francis Healthcare, I’m on my feet all day. I always look for the sweetest Mary Janes I can find.”


Into the Wild: “My kids bought me this sculpture after I admired it in a catalog. I love elephants and just rode one during a safari in India!”



Close to the Heart: “The American Heart Association gave me this pin in recognition of the years I’ve supported their cause by organizing groups for the Lowcountry Heart Walk.”


Style Essential: “Every woman should have a signature item that feels like ‘you.’ For 25 years, I’ve worn a silver and carnelian necklace I found in a flea market in London.”
Stroll City: “I walk three miles around downtown almost every night. It’s exhilarating and keeps me in a good mood. I see the city changing, I stroll through events as they are happening, and I watch businesses coming and going.”
On Her Blog: “I love that people have visited places I’ve raved about and even gotten married in settings I’ve mentioned.”