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In Hot Water

In Hot Water
July 2019

Heatworks’ Tetra dishwasher might just revolutionize the way we do dishes

You may not know his name, but Sullivan’s Islander Jerry Callahan is changing the dish-washing game. The co-founder of propane cylinder company Blue Rhino and current owner of Mount Pleasant’s Heatworks won the prestigious CES 2019 Best of Innovation Award in the Home Appliance category last year for his Tetra dishwasher. Callahan’s patented Ohmic Array Technology uses graphite electrodes and advanced electronic controls to excite the naturally occurring minerals in water to instantly heat the liquid—all in a compact 18-inch-wide by 16.75-inch-tall machine that can fit on a countertop and clean a small load of dishes with about one gallon of water in 15 minutes.

“The inflection point was when my friend’s son’s college roommate got a big promotion in Manhattan,” says Callahan. “He rented an $8,000-a-month apartment, and when he moved in he realized he didn’t have a dishwasher.” Even in the priciest homes, Callahan realized there was a need for an external space and environmentally friendly appliance.

Today 40 industries, from jumbo jets to hotels, are interested in Callahan’s technology, but for the average consumer, it’s his new energy-efficient appliance that’s poised to revolutionize the chore in one clean sweep. The Tetra will be available for purchase in early 2020.

The compact unit only uses a gallon of water per load. Learn more at


Photograph courtesy of Heatworks