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August 2009
Budding musicians take root at rural Awendaw Green

At the end of the winding dirt road, an ancient tractor rests beside an iconic red barn. Scattered rows of chairs front the venue, awaiting the assembly that arrives nearly every Wednesday for “Barn Jams.” Welcome to Awendaw Green.The brainchild of local dentist Dr. Eddie White and two partners, this idyllic spread—complete with a studio and resident artist—has become a haven for musicians and fans of good homegrown music. “I’m creating a venue for new and emerging artists,” says Eddie. “Without young bands, we’ll never have any old bands.” A family affair, Awendaw Green is also home base for the Whisperjets, a talented group of upstarts featuring Eddie’s 17-year-old son, Clay, on bass and trumpet alongside fellow classmates from Wando High School. “All the opportunities are here to meet musicians and record,” says Clay, who recently earned the first chair trumpet for the All-State Jazz Band. While Awendaw Green is still an informal enterprise, the Whites have embraced everyone—kids, parents, and grandparents—who seek them out. “It’s a great connecting point for musicians,” says Eddie. “I’m cross-pollinating genres and generations.”