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August 2009

“You should’ve seen the faces of the UGA fans when we pulled up with Big George Rogers and the Heisman Trophy in our golf cart!” (on the annual Border Bash golf tournament, held the day prior to the USC-UGA game)

Year Graduated:

Known For:
His Steve Spurrier impersonation. “People always say that I resemble Coach Spurrier. I’m a pretty good mimic, so I learned to imitate him fairly well.” Ultimate Paraphernalia: A framed newspaper article signed by Steve Spurrier. “A friend and I were at the Clemson-Carolina game one year and hanging out at the Esso Club. I had my visor on and was entertaining a few friends with my Spurrier act when Bob Gillespie of The State walked up. He said that was the best Spurrier impersonation he had ever witnessed. The following season, he wrote about it in a story that came out on the eve of the USC-Florida game in Gainesville. When I met Spurrier a while later and asked him to sign the article, he gave me that quirky look and said, ‘Ah, you’re that guy!’”

Game-Day Tradition:
“Getting to Williams-Brice at least five hours prior to kickoff and visiting with all of the great Gamecock fans I’ve met over the years. The Murdaugh family from Hampton parks near the team’s locker room, and it’s always awesome to hang out with them and greet the players after a big win.”

“Game day is sacred for me. I usually can’t sleep the night before, so I pack the car and get ready to roll. When Saturday morning arrives, I’m like a little kid ready to go on a class trip.”