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Find calm and focus in the New Year with Still Soul Studio

Find calm and focus in the New Year with Still Soul Studio
January 2021

Learn how the downtown meditation studio has grown amid the pandemic

Still Soul Studio, founded by Kelly George (inset), offers meditation and yoga classes.

“Peace of mind is for everyone,” says Kelly George, owner and founder of Still Soul Studio on King Street. George opened the meditation studio in December 2017 with a strong conviction in holistic healing and an equally matched desire to help others through its practices. “My mission is to provide inclusive, welcoming, and accessible community spaces for exploring inner calm and wellness of mind, body, and soul,” explains George. “We want people to thrive, not just survive.”

Prior to launching the studio, the business executive and mom had a demanding career as a human resources and talent management consultant for Fortune 100 companies in New York City and Silicon Valley. Her life took an abrupt turn at age 40 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This transformative period served as the catalyst for her newfound devotion to meditation and her subsequent decision to train at The Chopra Center in San Francisco, where she received her certification under the expertise of Deepak Chopra. “Learning meditation was a game changer for me personally and professionally,” says the owner-instructor, who teaches four to five classes a week. “Being a type-A personality, I wasn’t confident that I could learn, but thankfully, if you can breathe, you can meditate.” 

“Being a type-A personality, I wasn’t confident that I could learn [the practice], but thankfully, if you can breathe, you can meditate.” —Kelly George, Still Soul Studio owner

Amid a year characterized by chaos and collective anxiety, the studio has seen a steady increase in members and has hired four instructors since introducing its live virtual platform in March. “The pandemic has really highlighted the need for tools and resources to support mental health,” says George. “We are passionate about these practices to help manage the stress and anxiety we are all facing, especially during a time with so much change and uncertainty.”

In the coming year, George plans to launch workshops to help keep people inspired, along with new virtual and outdoor classes for children, families, and seniors. “Winter is a wonderful season for introspection and new self-care resolutions,” she says. “We are committed to offering that support for our community as we begin a brand new year.”

Meditation Benefits
Studio founder Kelly George explains how the practice can help reduce anxiety:

  • Meditating is observing and acknowledging whatever happens—pleasant or unpleasant—in a relaxed way.
  • The goal is not to empty the mind, but to observe the present moment without judgment. 
  • This insight into how the mind works helps reduce attachment and reactivity, cultivate joy, and experience relaxation more deeply.