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Driving ’em Wild

Driving ’em Wild
January 2018

BJ Stadelman brings plants and handmade pots to the people 

It’s a jungle on wheels, Instagram-cool come to life, rolling evidence of millennials’ obsession with house plants: it’s Haegur, popping up at The Park Cafe and assorted local markets. In Icelandic, haegur means “slow” and “deliberate,” and it was such an approach to life that led BJ Stadelman to establish the shop last spring. “I’d quit my job and was focusing on myself,” he says. “I kept ending up at Hyams Garden Store. I realized I liked having things to care for.”

Soon, Stadelman was tossing furniture to make way for leafy companions. They required pots, and lots of them, so he dug up a Martha Stewart DIY for hypertufa, a lightweight cement mixture. He began casting containers, adding designs with stains and paints.

Friends urged him to sell these creations and, well, he did own a Cushman Truckster (which, like a golf cart, can legally be driven four miles from his downtown home). Twelve cans of spray paint and a copper piping frame later, Haegur was ready to display ferns, jades, ficuses, and more alongside handmade vessels. “I think plants are good for you, and I love sharing that passion,” notes Stadelman, who will soon add a bread truck-turned-mobile greenhouse to his fleet, allowing him to rove farther still.

For a schedule of Haegur’s January pop-ups, visit