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Driving Drunks

Driving Drunks
December 2013
CoPilot Designated Drivers gets you and your car home safely

’Tis the most revelrous time of the year, but who likes waking up post-cab ride home and realizing their car is miles away? Citadel grad Will Morrison solved that problem by founding CoPilot Designated Drivers last December.

Call this unconventional taxi service, and a driver arrives at your location via motorbike. He folds it up inside a bag that’s stashed in your car and drives you home in your own vehicle before scooting off to the next gig. (If you live in the far reaches of their service area—say, Summerville—the driver will be picked up in a “chase car”). Downtown travels carry a flat rate of $15, while other trips cost $15 plus $2.50 per mile. To make a reservation, call (843) 412-9716 or visit