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Counter Intelligence

Counter Intelligence
December 2010
Form meets function in the latest batch of kitchen tools

1 {Exclusive} The organized chef will go nuts for Joseph and Joseph’s “Index” chopping boards—one each for veggies, raw meat, fish, and cooked foods—which slide into a non-slip case. $65 at Coastal Cupboard

2 {Basic} Even the most modern kitchen can use a dash of creature comfort. Try these hand-painted stone elephant measuring cups out for size. $15 for set of four at Pier 1

3 {Artsy} Ready to get a little wild? Crack open some cold ones with this wooden bottle opener. $20 at GDC Home

4 {Splurge} Enjoy a slice of the luxe life. This Global set includes eight knives with hand-forged blades, a honing steel, and a stainless steel storage block. $804 at Williams-Sonoma

5 {Hipster} Blanching veggies? Steaming shellfish? Boiling pasta? You can do it all in cheery, nonstick silicone style with the Fusion Food Pod. $15 at Charleston Cooks!