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Choose the Right White Paint

Choose the Right White Paint
June 2008
Judy and Fred Reinhard offer time-tested advice for choosing all-white paints

Rather than poring over white, cream, ivory, and eggshell-colored paint chips, Judy and Fred opted for the cheapest white paint base they could find at the local big box stores and verily doused the house in it. “We’re frugal,” says Judy, “and that’s how we made the color choice!” Words to the wise: It’s a great strategy, but heed these tips, too.

  • Spring for higher-quality exterior paint with added mildew resistance, especially if you live seaside. “It’s so damp here that the cheap stuff, even with mildew resistance, is still having problems,” says Judy. “We’re having to repaint with the expensive stuff outside.”
  • “I love to paint my kitchen chairs a high-gloss, but it’s hard to find anything but semi-gloss,” says Judy. “Rustoleum makes a high-gloss that’s great.”
  • When you need to wash off the outside of a white house, use Clorox’s outdoor formula, which is safe for plants and the environment.
  • Epoxying and painting a floor white is tough business, so make sure you’re up to the task, and that you choose paint that can stand up to wear and tear.