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Boris Van Dyck

Boris Van Dyck
December 2011
The world-traveling, food-, wine-, and water sports-loving owner of ICEBOX Innovative Beverage Services serves up his treasured possessions



Made for Walking: “These boots from Billy Reid are my go-to everyday shoes. They’re worn in and fit like a glove.”


First Steps: “My wife Holly and I got married at my dad’s house, and we built a dance floor over the pool. This picture shows our first dance—a beautiful moment.”





Sailor’s Sip: “I like to drink aged rum neat. Pyrat—from Anguilla, where I grew up—is my favorite.”


Armed & Ready: “My dad gave me these pistol cuff links. I love putting them on when going into business meetings or big events. They give me a confidence boost before going into battle.”


Play Time: “A lot of my
hobbies are based on the water. Now that I have a family, paddleboarding is the one I do most often because I can take Holly and my girls, Mia and Kaili.”



Peaceful Sleep: “This is a
painting of a beautiful Buddha head that local artist Robert Shelton did
as a wedding gift for us. It’s in
our bedroom.”


All Set: “My stepmother was an actress and the daughter of Joan Bennett. Frank Sinatra gave her this complete box set of his music. She passed it along to me.”

Good Match: “I just bought this pair of Francesco Benigno loafers from Farushga. Whether I wear them with jeans or suits, I feel dressed up!”




Swim Team: “These free-diving fins have traveled the world with me for 10 years, taking me through shipwrecks and on other adventures.”


Adventure Capitalist: “For every birthday when I was a teenager, my mom bought me a plane ticket to anywhere I wanted to go. She said my character would be built on the experiences I had, not the things I had. She was right.”
Living Social: “I started my business because I love being part of events and furthering the creative cocktail movement.”
Table Talk: “I’m a third-generation food-and-bev business owner. My family adores food, wine, and time at the table together.”