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Book Bound

Book Bound
February 2019

Lil Bit Lit publishing company lights up kids’ imaginations

Lil Bit Lit’s first batch of books: Shapes TodayYou Animal!, and A Raven’s Nest

Crafted for keeps, with cloth bindings and prices starting at $29.50, Lil Bit Lit’s inaugural children’s books aren’t your average kiddie fare. Nor is the publishing company itself anything less than exceptional.

The local founders—writer Jenny Everett DiBenedetto, Babiators co-owner Molly Fienning, launch strategist Amelia Lane Jaben, and artist Raven Roxanne—want to inspire young readers to connect with their feelings and the world around them. “Raven has used color to represent emotion in her Nest series of paintings, and over time she’s realized that this approach to emotional exploration is something children really identify with,” says DiBenedetto.

Last month, the first batch of books debuted, with A Raven’s Nest telling of a girl and her dog who weave items found on the beach into a nest. “It’s a little messy. It’s a little wild. Yet it’s perfect in its imperfectness,” DiBenedetto explains. “That’s the message we want to share with children.”

You Animal! from Sisal Creative artists Becca Barnet and Kaleigh Hastings delves into humans’ connections with animals, while textiles designer Susan Hable created Shapes Today to “teach kids about the importance of simple shapes and negative space,” says DiBenedetto. Find them all at