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Bloom Time

Bloom Time
Keep your garden beds flowering with the spectacular daylily  

For the daylily, life is short—a mere 24 hours. But with multiple buds on every scape, or leafless stalk, and many reblooming varieties available, this perennial can be a real garden knockout, flowering for four to seven weeks. An artful array of colors, patterns, forms, and fragrances (there are 60,000-plus registered hybrids) will intrigue even the most seasoned gardener, though there’s no need to be a pro to grow the low-maintenance beauties. Plant these picks today, and you’ll bask in the results all summer long.

D ‘Siloam Gumdrop’
This fragrant variety with scapes that reach 12 inches delivers a sweet yet delicate scent to your garden from early to mid summer. Plant it in masses for high visual impact.

Hardiness: Zones 4-10
Light: Full sun
Soil: Well-draining
Water: Allow surface to dry between waterings.
Maintain: Remove spent blooms for optimal growth.

D‘Chick Flick’
‘Chick Flick’ is a hybrid from Georgetown’s Browns Ferry Gardens that—thanks to “diamond-dusted” petals—is said to sparkle in the sunlight. Expect 4.75-inch diameter blooms and 24-inch scapes.

D ‘Little Grapette’
Whether sown solo in a container or mixed in a low border, this petite beauty thrives in small spaces. Its two-inch lavender petals open in the late afternoon, revealing a chartreuse throat.

D ‘Papa Goose’
Curling coral petals and a bright yellow throat make ‘Papa Goose’ a lot prettier than its name implies. The Browns Ferry Gardens hybrid grows tall and wide with 32-inch scapes and blooms eight inches in diameter.