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Andy Rankin

Andy Rankin
June 2009
Globe-trotting’s the ticket to bliss for this local mover and shaker—as long as he can come home to the Holy City



Toast of the Town: “I was raised on Ale 8 soft drinks, which are produced only in my tiny hometown of Winchester, Kentucky.”



Deep Dish: “This soap dish was a gift from one of the housekeepers at Zurich’s Hotel Schweizerhof. A beautiful, old hotel with phenomenal food, it’s my favorite place to stay in Switzerland.”



Sun Block: At the French Open, Roland-Garros umbrellas are used to shield the players from the sun while they’re on the court. “I bought this one at the tournament as a souvenir.”



Local Art: “My friend Jonathan Miller wrote and illustrated a kids’ book called The Adventures of Sammy the Wonder Dachshund, and I have one of the original illustrations.”







Business Trip: After spotting this desk made by local importer Bauer International, Andy had to have it. “I love that it’s fashioned from an old suitcase.”



Into the Wild: Andy picked up this kangaroo-skin Barmah hat on a trip down under. “Australians wear them in the outback. I wear mine to Wildlife Expo parties!”

Closet Staples: “Every local guy should have a navy blazer and a pair of nice khakis—it’s the Charleston tuxedo.”

Outdoor Activities: “I’m a city shrimper. I love to go to Waterfront Park and throw out my cast net.”

Travel Itinerary: “My goal before I turn 40 is to visit six continents. I have Africa and Asia left on my list.”

Favorite Destination: “Australia is amazing for its beaches and architecture, but the biggest draw is the people, who are fun, laid-back, and love to travel themselves.”