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Tree Party

The surprising benefits of new local plantings


If you drive Savannah Highway near Rantowles Creek, you may have noted dozens of trees being planted along the medians: 21 live oaks, 26 crepe myrtles, and 20 palms to be exact. That’s thanks to the volunteer-run 10,000 Trees for Charleston, formed in 2012.

Why? Well let’s take a look at the benefits of the new additions. According to the National Tree Benefit Calculator, this year they may intercept up to 21,616 gallons of storm-water runoff and remove 1,997 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They’ll also raise nearby property values by some $424 and eventually help shade the highway, cooling the road and reducing “urban heat island” effects. To learn more or sponsor a tree, visit                 


Photograph courtesy of City of Charleston