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Upper Crust: Local pastry chefs share sweet holiday traditions—and their delectable recipes

November 2022

Written By Marion Sullivan
Photographs By Hélène Dujardin

Apple Cranberry Slab Pie

Girl Nextdough food truck owner Caitlin Schumacher delivers slab pie for a crowd with a beautiful crust and bright filling that’s both dense and delicious >>CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE

“Slab pies are for the crust lover as they typically have a thinner layer of filling than a traditional round pie and much more crust per bite.” —Caitlin Schumacher

Girl Nextdough
1230 Camp Rd., James Island, 
Saturday & Sunday, 8 a.m. to noon
(843) 564-2761


Gluten-Free Apple Pie

Butcher & Bee pastry chef Jessica Olin’s highbrow apple pie makeover is low-cal and low-sodium, so feel free to spoil yourself with added scoops of ice cream >>CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE

“Apple pie is one of the first things I ever baked with my mother. She is very proud of her recipe and to this day insists on making her own for Thanksgiving. Each year, I firmly believe that it’s better than the last.” —Jessica Olin

Butcher & Bee
1085 Morrison Dr. 
(843) 619-0202


Bourbon Pecan Pie

Sisters Judy ‘Pop’ and Kathy Papadimitriou of Pies, Cakes, & S’More dessert delivery add a boozy shot to their spin on the Thanksgiving classic >>CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE

“This flavorful pie always reminds me of our mother. Even though she protests that Bourbon is not her thing, her fork never rests when we serve this pie.” —Judy ‘Pop’ Papadimitriou

Pies, Cakes, & S’More
(843) 324-9206


Pumpkin Ginger Meringue Pie

Sugar Bakeshop owner Mia Maness’s added spike of ginger and swirls of sweet meringue deliver the kind of drama a pie enthusiast dreams of >>CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE

“My big Southern family eats Thanksgiving early, and we enjoy snacking on leftovers all through the afternoon with particular emphasis on the dessert table, which is heavily laden with pies, cakes, and cookies.” —Mia Maness

Sugar Bakeshop
59 ½ Cannon St.
(843) 579-2891


Buttermilk Pie

Swig & Swine impresario Anthony DiBernardo’s delicate and rich custard confection secures a place for this Southern staple on the dessert table >>CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE

“My favorite Thanksgiving memory is from when I was young and my sister hosted her first holiday dinner. The pumpkin pie was cut and passed; I was the first one to take a bite only to discover that she had forgotten to put the sugar in. I sat quietly and waited for the others to discover this as well!”  —Anthony DiBernardo

Swig & Swine BBQ
1217 Savannah Hwy. 
(843) 225-3805 
2379 Hwy. 41, Mount Pleasant (843) 416-7368
1990 Old Trolley Rd. 
Summerville; (843) 974-8688